Geminknot Audible Release


After months of work and several trial versions, Geminknot has been produced as an audible version and is currently on sale at Audible and iTunes. Janel Ridenhour is our narrator and has done a remarkable job with various male and female voices occurring in the book. After considerable discussion, various enhancements using music and sound effects were added to give the recording more depth and to take the listener and his or her imagination for a ride not easily forgotten.

I discussed previously in my blog, how we overcame various difficulties associated with recording and editing of a narrated book. Applying what we have learned has given us a recording of exceptional clarity and one without extraneous noise or otherwise distracting changes in sound quality.

Clicking (press here) will take you to the Amazon website and a link for purchasing Geminknot in either paperback, large print edition, kindle edition or the audible edition.

The following

      Geminknot Audio Sample

is an audio sample  release from Geminknot Chapter 4.

And a special thanks to Amazon’s Audible for providing clear guidelines and helpful suggestions along the way.  Also for not only discovering that I had submitted a misnamed file but for giving me an easy path for correction of my mistake.

I hope my readers will enjoy this audio edition of one of my most satisfying novels.

Alexander Francis