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My Russian Readers


This blog is directed at my new Russian friends.  The ones from Moscow and St. Petersburg who have been spending so much time on my site. I’m flattered, of course, but also confused.  Is it because of my book titled The Russian Connection or something in one of the other Mick Grundy series that generates so much interest?

Since none of my books have been sold to Russians in Russia, I am quite certain that you have not read the full contents of any of them.   I would like to clear up a few things regarding what I wrote about Russians so that there is no misunderstanding between us.

Spy Hunt describes a complex hunt for a killer or killers thought to have connections to Russia, and it introduces Mick Grundy who has been singled out for retribution because of his previous mission in the  Crimea while working for the CIA.  The book does justice to the notorious covert activities of Russians operating outside of their mother country.

The Russian Connection follows, and in this story, Mick Grundy becomes entangled with a glamorous female Russian spy.  After returning to Germany, Mick discovers that his father is a highly placed Russian official, and the story becomes more complex.

Elapid, the third in the Mick  Grundy series, has Mick returning to Germany and developing close working ties to a Russian network, even saving the life of a Russian officer and becoming lifelong friends with him.

By far, Elapid is the most favorably disposed toward Russians, even being complementary regarding your spycraft, loyalty and traditions, and I think after you read this one, you will decide that I have not let you down.

So, I am offering an olive branch to my Russian readers.  I will send a copy of each of the Mick Grundy series (in English) to the first person from either Moscow or St Petersburg who requests them. Unfortunately, that is a total of three books only, but sent at my expense.

I will expect the reader to return the complement by letting me know what he or she thinks after reading them.  Please. And if the response is in English, I will post it on this site, regardless of how critical it is of me or my work.

Всего наилучшего!


Alexander Francis