What’s it all about?

The relationship between men and women has been a subject of fascination, it seems, forever.  I love to explore this subject in my books, and I especially enjoy trying to understand the different and changing levels of emotional attachment which develop in relationships. Even when my book is about action and adventure, I find that I need to have some moments of tenderness between the sexes. My main characters always have integrity, no matter what obstacles they might face, and their main struggles are usually personal and internal. With a little imagination, my readers and I will perhaps unravel, a little, that complex knot called love.

~ Alexander Francis



Mick Grundy is recruited by the CIA to assist in identifying and eliminating a suspected spy in the U.S. State Department who is assisting the Iranians in their quest to acquire nuclear weapons. The trail leads to Germany where he is joined by his family and by shadowy Russian intelligence operatives. The spy, code named “Elapid”, is also hunting, and he is after Mick Grundy.


The Green Scarf

Rick is a pre-med student who becomes obsessed with a beautiful classmate named Julie.  She spurns his every attempt to talk with her so in desperation, and on the advice of a fellow student, he buys her a green scarf.  He has been warned about her overprotective father, an officer in the Marines, but decides to pursue Julie in spite of the obstacles. Rick is drawn into a world of duplicity,  uncertainty and danger, where people are not whom they seem to be, and facts shift as easily as flipping a light switch.


Revenge of Jesus

A secretive organization plots to travel back in time to kill Jesus.  The mission fails, but an evil presence returns to the present while chasing the would-be assassin and gathers a large and fanatic following who believes he is the true Jesus. Two young translators are caught in the past, but fortunately meet a Roman officer who helps and protects them. An epic story of love and adventure unfolds which takes place in both the distant past and the present.

beware II cover

Beware The Exit

Life is but a dream.  But is life a dream within a dream or even a dream about dreams?  Tom Chase discovers that sometimes simple choices lead to irrevocable destiny.  He unwittingly chooses to enter a room from which there is no return.  His life as he knew it is over, but he finds new friends and adventures all the while desperately wanting to return to his wife who appears to him in his dreams.


Tom’s life seems to change abruptly, taking him into himself as a different person who always retains memories of his past.  He seems to lead a double life with dreams appearing as real to him as his reality.  A new woman enters his life and captures his heart, but he finds he also loves his wife but can only be with her in his dreams.


Are We A Band Yet?

Brenna and Daniel find themselves on a precipitous path to musical fame which nearly ends in tragedy, but they discover what they really want in life is each other and their remarkable friends.


Daniel is in love with Brenna. She likes to sing Cole Porter, and he wants to play the guitar in a blues band. With some effort, they teach the band to play jazz so that Brenna will sing with them. The two are deeply in love and the words to their songs reflect how they feel about each other. Along the way, Brenna finds a voice coach who discovers in her the makings of a singing sensation and with her connections, makes it happen. Meanwhile, Daniel is coached on the keyboard by a crusty and humorous old black jazzman and works hard to become Brenna’s accompanist. Brenna travels to the West Coast and becomes an overnight celebrity but unexpectedly disappears. Daniel hires an infamous detective who finds and helps rescue Brenna from one of the lowest places on earth, and they are assisted by a famous psychiatrist.


Mick Grundy: Spy Hunt

After a diplomat is murdered in San Francisco by an unusual weapon, the search for the killer leads to private detective Mick Grundy who is revealed as a man with an unrivaled reputation for violence.


Mick Grundy is a former military trained and experienced covert operative whom the police discover while trying to find a sophisticated killer of a foreign diplomat. A young woman is injured in the incident and becomes hunted by the killers because of what she might know.


Mick’s story starts in Germany while he is serving in a covert branch of the US Special Forces. He takes part in a CIA led operation in the Black Sea area and afterward is targeted for death by Russian spies serving in the American Army. He marries his German sweetheart at the Stuttgart headquarters of the BND, but they are pursued by persistent killers.


With revenge in his heart, Mick hunts down cells of terrorists in Germany, eventually returning to America only to resume the hunt for spies who are hunting him.


Mick Grundy: Russian Connection

Mick Grundy has started sleeping in an empty lion’s cage in Tacoma, only to be tracked down by a resourceful and attractive Russian agent named Sasha. He is unwillingly paired with a stunningly beautiful FBI agent, and together they follow the bodies left by Sasha as they are lured into a chase ending with a spectacular gunfight with Russian agents in a Las Vegas casino.


Mick accompanies Sasha to Berlin as she tries to convince him to kill one of the Russian intelligence chiefs. She introduces Mick to her superior, a shadowy figure somehow involved with Mick’s birth. Mick’s decision to take on the assassination is complicated by the capture of his partner by foreign operatives.



A switch of babies at birth results in a story mixing love, the mob, murder and war. An elderly couple tells their story of love for each other for their entire lives.


A young reporter is assigned to write a story about a couple near the end of their lives. She discovers a fascinating tale of a male baby switched at birth for one from a set of female twins. Unknowingly, the babies are raised as true siblings and start from birth having a lifelong love for each other.


As they grow up, there is a strong physical attraction which causes tension for each of them. Mike is slowly drawn into association with a crime syndicate in an effort to protect Mary. They both struggle with their own feelings for each other as well as resist being pulled into a life of crime.