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To celebrate the release of our audiobook, Geminknot, we are having a drawing once a week until December 31,2016. To win one of these audiobooks, please enter your name and email in the form below. Your email will never be shared. Winners will receive a code to use on to download your own free copy of the audiobook version of Geminknot. After listening, we would appreciate a review, posted to Audible.


The Copy Candidate

From out of the blue, another candidate for President of the United States is introduced to a gathering of reporters. They sit in stunned silence, not believing their ears or eyes. The man is identical in appearance and charisma to a former popular, but long deceased, ex-president. (also available in Large Print)


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Memory Gap

Unsuccessfully trying to repress the memory of a horrible event in her past, Gale realizes that her current life has become unbearable and agrees to take a chance on an untested treatment that has just become available, even though there are profound and unknown risks. (also available in Large Print)


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Beware The Exit

Life is but a dream, but is life a dream within a dream or even a dream about dreams?  Tom Chase discovers that sometimes simple choices lead to irrevocable destiny.  He unwittingly chooses to enter a room from which there is no return.


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Revenge of Jesus

An evil force has entered the present from the distant past and gathers strength through the human weakness for being led.  Two young interpreters travel back in time and meet an exceptional man who is a Roman officer.  Together, they travel in ancient Judea and Galilee in an epic story of adventure and love. Though they are unaware, the fate of the world rests on their shoulders.


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Mick Grundy: Elapid

Mick Grundy is both the pursued and the pursuer in a mission to prevent the Iranians from acquiring the last pieces of the nuclear puzzle and to stop a holocaust in the Mid-East.  Along the way, he discovers new information about his past and reunites with his extended German family.


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A young reporter is assigned what she thinks will be a boring report on the lives of two elderly nursing home residents. She finds that their story is a wonderful tale of intense love over the length of their entire lives. The adventure begins with the tale of Mike who was switched at birth for one of a pair of twins. He has an unexplained but intense love for his sister, Mary, and he discovers that she feels the same for him. A criminal mob intervenes in their lives, and the story takes a different and exciting turn. (also available in Large Print)


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Mick Grundy: Spy Hunt

An unusual murder is investigated by the SFPD who start piecing together the facts, becoming convinced that international spies are involved. Mick Grundy’s history is examined, starting with his exploits with the CIA on an ill-fated mission. Mick is hunted down by the Russians and is nearly killed. He is forced to seek revenge and is ruthless and savage when he finds a terrorist cell about to do mayhem to innocent civilians. The story returns to San Francisco where Mick resumes the hunt for spies and killers.


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Are We A Band Yet?

Brenna and Daniel find themselves on a precipitous path to musical fame which nearly ends in tragedy, but they discover what they really want in life is each other and their remarkable friends. (also available in Large Print)


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The Green Scarf

Rick is a pre-med student who becomes obsessed with a beautiful classmate named Julie. He has been warned about her overprotective father, an officer in the Marines, but decides to pursue Julie in spite of the obstacles. Rick is drawn into a world of duplicity, uncertainty and danger, where people are not whom they seem to be, and facts shift as easily as flipping a light switch.


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