The first in a series: Boxcar to Nowhere


This book is the first of a series of ten which tell the tales of adventure, intrigue, danger and love which happen to a young girl named Hope and her dog Jazzy, a retired police canine. The series (Hope and Jazzy) starts with a book designed to be read by children between ten and fifteen or so. As we go deeper into the series we will be creating for an increasingly mature audience. There will be no politics discussed, no sexual images or descriptions, and only touch on violence when it is necessary for the story line.  This  series will be wholesome books created to entertain with fiction.

The first of the series will be released in mid July of this year in hardback book form. There is an ebook as well and will be widely available in multiple outlets. An audio book is in the works and I believe it will be ready about the same time.

The big news though, is the video series to be released on our wonderful narrator’s channel on YouTube called Kira in person. Each chapter will be presented as a separate video recording. I believe that the first of them will be ready by August, this year.

Our narrator is none other than Kira, whose image is on the front cover and the back cover as well.

So to sum up, this book, Boxcar to Nowhere will be available as a printed hardback, an ebook, an audible book, and a video series. In fact, our plans are to do the same with all ten of the books in this series.

Alexander Francis

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