Mick Grundy: Spy Hunt


After a diplomat is murdered in San Francisco by an unusual weapon, the search for the killer leads to private detective Mick Grundy who is revealed as a man with an unrivaled reputation for violence.

Mick Grundy is a former military-trained and experienced covert operative whom the police discover while trying to find a sophisticated killer of a foreign diplomat. A young woman is injured in the incident and becomes hunted by the killers because of what she might know.

Mick’s story starts in Germany while he is serving in a covert branch of the US Special Forces. He takes part in a CIA led operation in the Black Sea area and afterward is targeted for death by Russian spies serving in the American Army. He marries his German sweetheart at the Stuttgart headquarters of the BND, but they are pursued by persistent killers.

With revenge in his heart, Mick hunts down cells of terrorists in Germany, eventually returning to America only to resume the hunt for spies who are hunting him.

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