Since Antonius


My new book, Since Antonius, several months in the making, is finally available to purchase fresh off the press!  Soon it will be available in paperback on Amazon and most other book sellers,  the ebook to follow shortly. It’s a work that I am proud of  and I hope the release of this sequel to Revenge of Jesus will generate interest in the first book as well. Both are free standing, readable in their own right, but better taken together.

A third in the series has occurred to me, but at this time I have no energy left to devote to that subject.  Perhaps when my head clears a bit and I see reader interest and comment which might… Well, that is some time away as yet. In my case, I’m usually happy to complete a work and see it in print, and this one especially so since I spent a good deal of time researching ancient roman history and getting my facts in order.  I believe that I have been true to history, what we actually know of it, and even though a work of fiction by necessity alters history to suit the narrative, I have been careful with Since Antonius to be true as this work could be.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy this novel and think it was entertaining and at least somewhat educational.


Alexander Francis

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