Excerpts from Spook, my best friend


Spook was hers and hers alone. Such joy! She squatted down again and extended her arms, and Spook ran into her so fast that it nearly knocked her to the floor.

Luna placed her hands on either side of Spook’s face and held his eyes with hers. “Spook, my Spook, you are mine now, and we are going to look after each other. Isn’t that so?”

“Mother?” Luna said, “Do you see any way Spook could have left the house?”
“I did find the front door partially opened this morning after you left. I just assumed that you didn’t close it fully.”

More than ever, Luna realized that Spook was more than a pet, he was her companion that she could always talk to, always ruffle his fur absentmindedly, and always count on to warn or defend her, no matter what.

Spook was sitting down just in front of her, his big dark eyes a mystery to what he was thinking. He seemed to know that this was an important moment, but he had dignity and strength and would endure what he had to endure.