So you want to create an audio book?


If there is any hot area left in the book publishing industry, creating an audio version of your book is it.  If you are an author, you must have had at least a fleeting dream about seeing your pet book converted into an audio form. Well, so have I.  A reasonable person will be stunned at the complexity of the process, or the cost, or both.  Surely, it is a daunting endeavor and also bound to fail unless every step is carefully considered.

The best narrator you can’t afford can make your novel appealing in ways you couldn’t imagine. The better or more famous the voice actor, the higher his or her fee, which is a reasonable concept, but that fabulous voice will make up for it in higher sales of your book. That is, if the marketing is done correctly.  A poor narrator, or the wrong reader for a book, will guarantee disaster no matter how superb the novel is.

Then, there is the issue of the recording process and editing of the voice files, not to mention selecting accompanying music.  Of course you know that any music under copyright (nearly everything) can’t be used without both permission and fees.  Want to give up yet?

If you are still interested, then follow this blog as I head down that path toward creation of an audio book.  I plan to be honest about what works and what doesn’t during the process.  Success or disaster?  Wait and see.  If you have any advice to offer, please contribute your ideas here for others to read.

Alexander Francis

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